Conceptualized in 2013, first locally developed fine dining concept, specialize in Chinese cuisine, traditional Dim-­‐Sum, Savories and Pastries. Situated strategically in The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, the gateway to of KL’s Golden Triangle. Managed and operated by a team of experienced professionals, with more than 40 years of F & B experience.

Our Mission is to provide our guests the most delightful fine dining experience quality Chinese Cuisine in a friendly environment that comes with professional service.

Our Vision is to focus 100% on customer satisfactory and loyalty, driving sales and increasing profit.We aim to achieve and maintain a distinction in contemporary Chinese classical cuisine.


Shanghai Legend - Canapé Combination

Shanghai Legend- Double Boiled Soup

Shanghai Legend- Dried Sea Food Treasure

Shanghai Legend- Chef Recommendation

Shanghai Legend - Steamboat & Soup

Shanghai Legend - Fresh From Farm

Shanghai Legend- Kong Fu Fried Rice

Shanghai Legend- Special Noodle

Shanghai Legend- Sweetened Desert

Shanghai Legend - Royal Pudding

Shanghai Legend- Chinese Tea

Shanghai Legend- Roasted Coffee

Shanghai Legend - Beverage